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Flowers are a natural and beautiful way to share your sentiments. A bouquet of fresh seasonal blooms can often convey your feelings at a time when words just aren’t enough. Flowers don’t have to just be sent to friends, relatives, or loved ones; they are also a unique way to show your thanks and appreciation to employees, co-workers, and business associates.

Flowers are a universal way to let someone know you are thinking of them. Knowing exactly what to send will help ensure you send a bouquet that will make the biggest impact and impression. We’ve compiled a list of hundreds of flower meanings for you. After all, sending flowers for any occasion is a significant gesture — we are helping to make sure you pick the flowers that will best convey your meaning:

Popular Flowers & Their Meanings

• ASTER Symbol of Love, Daintiness

• AZALEA Moderation, temperance, fragile passion, your blush has won me (Chinese Symbol of Womanhood)

• CALLA LILY Magnificent beauty

• CARNATION (GENERAL) Fascination, Woman Love

• CHRYSANTHEMUM (General) You’re a wonderful friend, Cheerfulness and rest.

• DAISY Innocence, Loyal Love, I’ll Never Tell, Purity

• HYDRANGEA Thank You for Understanding, Frigidity, Heartlessness

• IRIS Fleurdelis, Emblem of France, Your Friendship Means so Much to Me, Faith, Hope, Wisdom and Valor, My Compliments

• LILY (WHITE) Virginity, Purity, Majesty, It’s Heavenly to be with You, I’m Walking on Air

• LILY (yellow) Coquetry, falsehood, flirtation

• ORCHID Love, Beauty, refinement, Beautiful Lady, Chinese Symbol for many children

• ROSE (pink) Perfect Happiness, Please believe me

• ROSE (orange) Fascination

• ROSE (red) Love, I Love You

• SUNFLOWER (large) You are splendid

• TULIP (general) Perfect lover, Flower emblem of Holland


Flower Care

The joy of receiving a stunning arrangement of flowers should not be overshadowed by a lack of knowledge in how to care for the flowers. While it is true that no two flowers are alike, maintaining the freshness of a bouquet includes key components that can be applied regardless of the type of bouquet received.

On the second day after receiving a bouquet, remove the flowers and change the water. Cut an inch off the stem of all the flowers, and remove any leaves that fall below the water line. If included, add the second flower food packet to the fresh water.

On the fourth day after receiving the bouquet, change the water again, and cut approximately ½” to an inch off the stems of the flowers.

For the best results and longest life of your flowers, keep the arrangement away from direct sunlight, heat, and drafts. While it may seem an innovative way to display your arrangement, floral bouquets should never be put atop a television; the heat that radiates from the T.V. will cause the flowers to wilt.

Many arrangements will arrive with the flowers in bud form; tulips, lilies, iris, and some roses may arrive with tight, compact buds. Do not assume the flowers are of poor quality; follow the care instructions and within a day or two, the buds will open to reveal beautiful, fresh blooms!


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