Roses and their meanings

Have you ever wanted to know about rose colors and their meanings, what roses may indicate to the recipient? Did you want to send Black Roses to someone? Could there be a better color choice? Can we answer these questions? Maybe proper attached cards or properly worded Notes can help the recipient understand why you sent this color of Rose. The Card may well be the most important thing to remember!

Roses have always been (and will always be) the traditional flower of love and romance. But did you know that every color and type has a different meaning?

Red Roses. "I Love You!"

Red Roses and Baby’s breath.

Red roses ~ say  ” I Love You ” and also stand for respect and courage.

Pink roses ~ symbolize grace and gentility.  For more subtle shades of meaning, choose deep pink to stand for gratitude, appreciation and “thank you”, bright pink conveys admiration or sympathy.

Yellow roses ~ usually stand for joy, gladness,  freedom, friendship and loyalty.

White roses ~ have several meanings: “You’re Heavenly”, reverence and humility, innocence and purity, and silence.. .and are most often associated with weddings.

Coral and Orange roses ~ denote enthusiasm and desire.

Red and Yellow roses together ~ stand for jovial and happy feelings.

Pale colored roses ~ convey sociability and friendship.

Rose Buds ~ symbolize beauty and youth. Red rose buds mean “pure and lovely.”

A Single rose ~ stands for simplicity, In full bloom it means “I Love You Still.”

Hybrid Tea roses  ~ mean “I’ll remember you always.”

Two roses taped or wired together ~ to form a single stem signal an engagement or coming marriage.

A Full Bloom rose ~ placed over two buds forms a combination that signifies secrecy.

Lavender roses ~ enchant; they most often symbolize enchantment, fascination and love at first sight.

Long stemmed roses ~ convey deeper feelings then the traditional variety. For instance, sending a dozen long stemmed red roses implies your love runs very deep.

Regardless of color or stage of development, Roses sent every month convey the message “I’m thinking of you.”

Remember the enclosure Card Must include Why I sent these Roses or Flowers.

Roses, Oh How beautiful

Roses, Oh How beautiful

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